Exploring Switzerland: 25+Cities, 11 days, in just Rs.90,000


No travel agency will take you to this route but here’s how we travelled Switzerland with 25+ cities in 11 Days including 4 Boat Cruises for a total price of Rs. 90,000 for family of 2 Adults and 2 Kids using the Swiss Travel System.


Swiss Travel Pass gives you access to unlimited travel by Trains, Trams, buses, and Boats and selected Cogwheel railway too, and entry to 500+ museums.

We bought 2 Adults 15 days Pass for 45k each and we got a Family Card for Free which gives free travel to children less than 16 years and includes free access to excursions like Titlis, and Glacier 3000 too with a paying adult.

Tip: Download the SBB app from the Playstore/ Apple store.

Travel agencies will not suggest this as they have to accommodate a bigger group so they cannot risk one person being late or missing the train.

But the beauty of Swiss Travel is that they are most punctual, are at regular intervals, and are designed meticulously so that interconnecting trains are almost waiting for you on opposite platforms.


Switzerland Day 1-

We selected Lausanne as the Base city for 3 days.

We went to Zermatt which is a beautiful car-free city and you will find beautiful Chalets all around.

Additionally, you can either visit Matterhorn ( Toblerone mountain), or Gornergrat but I would recommend Gornergrat as here, the train will pass through the snow-clad mountains which will be an additional 29 CHF two-way with a 50% discount due to the Swiss Pass.

Day 2

We went to Gstaad which is a resort town for celebrities alongside cities of Zweisimmen and Saanen.

In 1995, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge happened, and the economy boomed.

Many scenes from DDLJ were shot here and you can easily find the Café “Early Beck”

Zweisimmen is the station where Simran misses her train to Zurich. The kiosk where she buys the cowbell is still there right next to the station

Saanen railway station was the location for the scene in the movie where Raj and Simran wait to catch the next train to Zurich. The bridge next to the station was the location for the “palat” scene.

Tip: You can board a Panoramic Goldenpass train from Montreux which has a more scenic route. Reservation is optional and mostly you will get a seat easily without reservation. So the Swiss Pass covers more than 10+ Panoramic trains as well.

Day 3 –

We went to the Olympic museum in Lausanne wherein the entry ticket of 2k is included for Free on the Swiss Pass.

We also did a 2.5-hour cruise which is again Free with Swiss Pass and walked along the lake towns of Montreux and Vevey along Lake Geneva.

Imagine, all these towns are developed on mountains but so developed that you will find long Trams running at diagonally elevated heights across the mountains.

Day 4 –

It was a Day to change the Base to Mierengen which was a perfect base to explore places near Interlaken. It is 22 min from Interlaken but you can get properties at almost 1/3rd of rates from main tourist areas like Interlaken or Lucerne

On the same day, we also did another Boat cruise from Lake Brienz to Interlaken again Free with a Swiss Pass which according to me is the most beautiful lake with turquoise blue waters in Switzerland amongst Lake Lucerne, Lake Zurich, Lake Geneva, Lake Thun, etc.

Tip: SBB has a unique service to transfer luggage at 12 CHF per luggage from one town to another. Although costly, I would recommend using this if we analyze our per day cost which goes wasted while we checkout from one hotel, change cities, and check in at another hotel, here you will have hands-free while intercity travel so can visit many small towns in between by Hop on – Hop off any train.

Day 5 –

I always felt Jungfrau – the Top of Europe as a bit overrated for the cost of 9k per person so we decided to ascend to a less touristy but much more beautiful mountain Mannlichen.

Männlichen is a mountain in the heart of the Jungfrau Region with a 360° view. It’s one of the best viewpoints for the famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

The journey till Interlaken- Lauterbrunnen – Wengen even though Cogwheel train is covered by Swiss Pass We took a Cable Car from Wengen to Mannlichen and then took a Gondola from Mannlichen to Grindelwald and the excursion was opened just today for Summer 2024. The total cost for a family of 4 was just Rs.7000 for two way ride.

This Cable Car has an upgrade option to the Royal Experience with a Balcony seat for only 5 CHF where you seat on the cable car roof in open for a thrilling experience!

Day 6

We took a train to Capital city Bern which is like one hour from Interlaken.

Many do not consider Bern as travel city in Switzerland but I really liked the cobble-stoned Old town of Bern with boutique shops. We got a second hand shop wherein all good Board Games were at 5 CHF.

You cannot miss the Clock towers and the two main shopping streets of Kramgasse and Gerechtigkeitsgasse are in the center of the Old Town. The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site is lined with six kilometers of arcades that invite visitors to enjoy a special kind of shopping experience.

You will find Trams running along the city which is again Free with Swiss Pass.

Day 7

This is like a Hidden Gem I am going to share!

– Take a Train to Luzern – 1 hour
– Take a scenic Boat Cruise to Vitznau from Pier 1 – 1 hour
– Board Europe Oldest Cogwheel railway to Mt Rigi – 40 min and behold!

On May 21, 1871, Europe’s first mountain railway departed on its inaugural ascent from Vitznau to Rigi Staffelhöhe – a milestone in the history of Mount Rigi.

Today, Mount Rigi and its cogwheel railways presents itself as a unique mountain railway paradise and all this again included in Swiss Pass without a single penny extra.

Day 7 continued…

Descend from the other side to Zurich via Arth Goldau and visit the iconic Lindt Chocolate Factory!

The children will love the Chocolate Tour at Lindt. You will also love the Lindt Hot Chocolate at Cafe.

This way you save a day by taking two different routes to ascend and descend.

We also visited Zug and Zurich HB. In Zurich, we simply sit in any Tram , go 3 stops and come back or get down if we see anything interesting.

Tip : Book Lindt Chocolate Tour in advance as they have fixed slots. Cost – Rs. 1.5k pp

In Pics : Check out how a 2 Year Old teaching Life Lessions to her 5 month sibling! Thats what travelling gives which schools cannot!

Food options –

Well, we are still 2 Days to go with all your best wishes and many surprises on the way. For those asking for Lunch Options –
1. Lausanne – Shanti – Indian
2. Gstaad – Mango – Indian
3. Bern – Tibis – Pure Vegan – Pay as per weight
4. Zermatt – Golden India – Indian
5. Mereingen – Hotel Sherlock Homes – Run by Indians Made Pure Jain food for us

And as Gujaratis – Ghar ka Khana Thepla, Khichdi Locho, Home made Nachos. We bring vegetables from Coop or Migros and cook one time (also helps to save cost) or manage breakfast.

In Pics : Pure Jain Buffet ,My daughter enjoying first rains after dinner at Shanti restaurant, our Kitchen !


Yes, I love to plan travel as a hobby and always use Public transport as it helps dwell deep into the culture of the city.

I also agree that sometimes overplanning kills the surprise element while you may enjoy going with the flow but I also love to write and share my experience on travel and the response is overwhelming!

Also Kudos to my 3 Siblings; we studied and grew up together and our respective wives; this is our first trip and that too with 6 Kids of Age 5 months to 8 years.

Mehul Shah
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