Issues on the New Income Tax Portal 2.0


The new Income Tax Website was launched on the 7th of June at 8:45 PM replacing the old income tax website. The new website was launched with the aim of providing its users and taxpayers with a user-friendly environment on the website and to make the e-filling experience simpler and smarter.

The Income Tax Department said, ‘The objective of this portal is to provide a single-window to income tax related services for taxpayers and other stakeholders.’ 

But unfortunately, within some hours of its launch, the site started showing certain serious issues like the taxpayers were unable to access the website, popping up of different types of error, and many more technical glitches.

Few issues in New Income tax Portal e-filing 2.0:

  1. DSC not getting registered or updated
  2. Unable to crack the DIN required by new portal for filing Form 35
  3. New Incorporated companies or Firms are not able to register themselves on ITD Portal
  4. Forget password option not working
  5. IT Returns in PDF can’t be downloaded
  6. IT acknowledgements in PDF can’t be downloaded
  7. DIN Number not getting auto populated in new ITD website
  8. Challan Numbers not getting validated
  9. No tab for VSV tab
  10. Unable to file TDS Returns
  11. Unable to file 15CA/15CB
  12. E proceedings tab not workings
  13. Grievances registered on ITD website are deleted without addressing – on dashboard it is shown but under search option is not reflected ……………….
  14. Old demands outstanding not reflected on Dashboard but when we navigate in the portal same is reflected
  15. Old Grievances registered not reflected
  16. Unable to file Income Tax Returns for FY 2021
  17. Accounts get locked, if we try to login and not able to login due to non-operability of site
  18. Unable to raise refund reissue request
  19. PAN Number is not shown as valid
  20. Mismatch in PAN Data is shown when technically there is no mismatch
  21. JSON Utility not available
  22. while filing Verification in ITR if we select ‘Self ‘in capacity then Name disappeared n Shown in validation errors.
  23. Unable to submit response to outstanding demand.
  24. Intimation for returns -Processed for AY20-21 not available for download.
  25. Too many login pages.
  26. Reporting Portal not able to connect.
  27. Very Slow Site working.
  28. No Captcha code for login
  29. Unable to register tan for filing TDS return
  30. Profile Updating is a tedious job. We have to match Aadhar as well as Pan data. It consumes lot of time. One peculiar mismatch is if the address word has one word missing, for e.g., apartment, still our income tax site shows error as Pan and Aadhar address is not matching. We do not have liberty to give our address. That means now we have to either update our Aadhaar or Pan.
  31. UDIN is also not able to update for last month audit and other certification.
  32. Rectification of return options not available.
  33. Return processed in March 2021 now shows under processing in view details.
  34. D MAT Linking is pending from 08/06/2021;
  35. Bank ac not getting linked- even though I have not faced such issue
  36. One issue in filing 15CA in new website. -It takes the currency as per country of remittance. irrespective of – currency of remittance being USD. -If country is UK. currency GBP comes as auto populated and can’t be changed to USD.
  37. 12AA application could not be uploaded.
  38. Forms not available for uploading.

Retweeting a tweet from a taxpayer, Sitharaman said “Hope @Infosys & @NandanNilekani will not let down our taxpayers in the quality of service being provided.”

This clearly shows that the government is blaming Infosys for all the technical glitches faced on the new income tax portal.

The taxpayers and the users are really awaiting that the income tax website shall be in a good condition as soon as possible and they can resume their work with ease. Hoping that the technical glitches are resolved and the taxpayers get to avail the benefits of the new website.

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