Monday, March 27, 2023
Rule 89(4) In the case of zero-rated supply of goods or services or both without payment of tax under bond or letter of undertaking in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (3) of section 16 of the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (13 of...
CBIC via notification No. 31/2019 dated on 28th June 2019 introduced form PMT-09  to save the registered taxpayers from blockage of business fund that occur during the period of refund application of excess balance in the electronic cash ledger in FORM RFD-01 due to wrongly or erroneously paid ITC under wrong head.
GST (Goods and Service Tax) has been imposed on supply of goods and services. GST on E-commerce operators remains the same as any other mode of supplies This article is helpful to those who want to start selling on e-commerce platforms...
Government through Circular No. 136/06/2020-GST dated 3rd April 2020 has extended the due dates for GST filings in order to give relief to various businesses due to the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. The GST revised due date for filing of returns as well as...
Electronic Way Bill is a unique document which is system generated or generated electronically for consignment of goods from one place to another. It may be either inter-state or intra-state, as such a person registered under GST cannot transport the goods worth more than Rs. 50,000/- without...
corporate tax rate
Summary of Important Amendments to GST Rules as per the notifications issued on 23.03.2020:- GST Registration:- As per Notification No. 16/2020- dated 23.03.2020:- Authentication of Aadhaar number for grant of registration
Normally, GST on goods and services is payable by the taxable person (i.e. person registered or liable to be registered under GST). However the Government have, on the recommendation of the council, by notification specified categories of supply of goods or services or both, the tax on which shall be paid...
AAR (Advance Ruling) Case Law Details Applicant Name :  Automative Components Technology India Private Limited Appeal Number : Order No. 05/ARA/2020 Date of Judgement/Order : 31/01/2020 Courts : AAR Tamilnadu (96) Advance Rulings (1253)
TDS provision under GST There are certain category of persons for whom registration under GST act is mandatory irrespective of their turnover limits as specified in Section 22. These categories have to get register themselves on mandatory basis under GST act by virtue of Section 24 of the...
Transfer of ITC in case of sale, merger, demerger amalgamation, lease or transfer of business:- As per section 18(3) of CGST Act, 2017 in case of change in the constitution of registered person on account of sale, merger, demerger, amalgamation, lease or transfer of business with specific provision of...

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