Monday, May 10, 2021
income tax
Central Board of Indirect Tax & Customs (CBIC) issued circular no. 20/06/03/2019-GST dated 18th July, 2019 clarifying implications under GST related to Information Technology enabled services (ITes) outsourced to Indian entities by overseas companies (i.e. call centres, business process outsourcing service, accounts outsourcing service etc.). The said circular clarifies that...
Central Board of Indirect Tax and Customs clarified through circular No.108/27/2019-GST dated 18th July, 2019 about procedures, documentation and implications under GST on transaction with respect to goods sent/taken out of India for exhibition or on consignment basis for export promotion. Key aspects of the same have been highlighted...
CBIC has clarified various doubts as regards treatment of various sales promotional schemes under GST vide circular 92/11/2019 dated 7th March 2019 to ensure uniform implementation of the law. Summary of the said circular is as below. Free Samples & Gift It is...
income tax
Highlights of notifications issued by CBIC dated 7th March 2019 are as below. Increase in turnover threshold limit for dealers under composition scheme Threshold limit of aggregate turnover for composition scheme dealers u/s.10 of CGST Act has been enhanced to Rs. 1.5...
GST Policy Wing, CBIC has issued three circulars on 18th February, 2019 as listed below in brief. Circular No. 90/09/2019 – GST dated 18-02-19:  All registered persons making supply of goods or services or both in the course of inter-State...
income tax
A recent “Standing Order” No.01/2019  issued by the Principal Commissioner of Central Tax, Hyderabad on 04-02-2019, instructs GST Tax Officials and field formation Officers to inquire into cases of late filing of returns, where asseseees has paid interest only on the net tax liability of GST and further instructing to issue recovery notices u/s...

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