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A Brief Insight into the procedure of Initial Public Offering (IPO) in India.

With the current rainfall of IPOs by the companies in the Indian markets during current month or rather from last quarter, it will not be wrong to say that the with the onset of...

E-Rupi Digital Payment Platform- First step towards adoption of digital currency in India

Introduction On 2 August 2021, PM Narendra Modi launched a digital payment platform called e-RUPI Digital Platform. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in association with Department of Financial Services (DFS), National Health Authority (NHA), Ministry of...

A brief insight into the framework issued by SEBI for Operation of Gold Exchange in India

A brief insight into the framework issued by SEBI for Operation of Gold Exchange in India

All you need to know about the Account Aggregators System launched by the RBI

On 2nd September,2021, RBI launched Account aggregators system, Account Aggregator (AA) network, a financial data-sharing system that is aimed  to  revolutionize investing and credit, giving millions of consumers greater access and control over their financial records and expanding...

All you need to know about the Production Linked Incentive Scheme announced for Textile Sector.

Union Cabinet on 08th,September 2021 has approved the Production Linked Scheme for Textiles for MMF (Manmade Fabric) Apparel, MMF Fabrics and 10 segments/ products of Technical Textiles with a budgetary outlay of Rs. 10,683...

Cabinet approves various amendments in LLP Act ,2008

With the motive of facilitating greater ease of business in India, the government on Wednesday i.e. 28.07.2021 approved certain amendments in the LLP Act, 2008 vide LLP(amendment) Bill, 2021 thereby decriminalizing certain provisions and...

All you need to know about Sovereign Gold Bonds Scheme – a substitute for investment in physical gold

What is Sovereign Gold Bonds? Is investing in Sovereign Gold Bonds better than investing gold? Is it a good investment options for Middle class Citizens?, and many other questions arise whenever any body talks about investing in...

A brief insight into G7 ‘s proposal for a Global Minimum Tax Rate for Corporations

What is G7 ? The Group of 7 (G7) is an informal group of seven countries — the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, the heads of which hold an annual summit...

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