The present Indian Government led by Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is working towards good governance and any good governance requires transparency in judicial proceedings. The Indian Government is also promoting innovation through its Startup India Scheme launched on 16th January 2016 and nurturing the Startup Ecosystem particularly in Tier-II cities.

In this background, it is worthwhile to mention that one such Startup from Surat, Gujarat named “” has contributed to greater transparency by linking the Government website to get information about new judicial pronouncements on Income tax Appeals instantaneously and has further made a machine based and Artificial Intelligence based BOT which can read “between the lines” and give attributes to these Judgements which can be used as filter to sort out the best search results.

The website has a repository of more than 2 lakhs judgements on Income tax and the best part is it is the only Web Research Tool to provide Free Subscription and free access to these huge database of Case laws and hence highly useful for Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Lawyers,  Management Accountants, Company Secretaries and Income Tax practitioners. or even general taxpayer and law student.

The salient features of are :

  1. The user can search using natural language and filter down the search results based on Bench, Judge name, Counsel name, Important Keywords, Sections, Assessment year or year of pronouncement which are attributed to each case based on AI and machine learning. User can also choose to view only the cases which are favourable or the cases which are against the assessee.
  2. On clicking on a Case, user is directed to “Case details” page where the user can either
  • Download the Judgement in PDF format. Share the Judgement to its client or community groups through Social media like Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter
  • Click on the “assessee name” to populate cases of other years of the same assessee which is very helpful for squarely covered matters. Attempt is made to bring together all the cases of the same assessee even though there are different spelling of assessee in different cases.
  • There is a Public profile made of each “Judge” of Appellate Tribunal so analysis of past cases having similar issues may be done easily and user can make a more predictive search.
  • User can create its own folders based on his “client name” whose case is to be represented or based on “issue” and he may surf and research the repository of cases and add Judgements which may be helpful for his case to his personalised folders by clicking on “Add to favourites”. There is folder named “Default” pre-created for each user. While adding the case to favourites, user can also append his own Notes which shall also now be visible privately to the particular user in search results.
  • Users can add Custom Judgements and Generate Case Law Index with auto indexing and auto-numbering
  • User can Subscribe to Newsletters to keep receiving Weekly Case laws with “Catch note Summary from experts” and stay updated.

Mr. Mehul Shah who is a well known Chartered Accountant from Surat and partner of the firm Rasesh Shah and Associates who is a consultant to this Startup says “the site really helps to shepherdize the Case laws relevant to your issue and make any Counsel’s work less taxing. One of the most intuitive feature is the tool for preparation of ‘Case Law Index’ which saves unproductive time spent on indexing and numbering of Paper Books. I have never seen such tool on any other publication website

Register for Free on and start your Case Research.


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